Sensitivity Training

My Sensitivity Training for New Editions Consulting Inc.

On Thursday July 28 I made an early morning voyage to one of my most favorite places;  Washington DC.   What brought me there this time, you ask? Well, I had the opportunity, for the second time, to present my Disability Sensitivity Training to staff members of New Editions Consulting Inc.


            According to their website New Editions Consulting Inc. is “committed to enriching the lives of all people by providing premier program support services in the areas of health, disability, education and human services to government, non-profit organizations and commercial customers.”


 Last year, I was matched with Sheila Newman, New Editions’ President in a mentoring program.   Since then she has been a tremendous supporter in helping me establish 6 Wheels Consulting, LLC through connections and her resources.  She was the first person to give me an opportunity, which in turn led to my first paycheck, after 6 Wheels was born.   For that I am always grateful to her.


             This time she had me back to provide her new employees with my training to help them understand the disability community a little better.   My training covers, person first language, disability etiquette strategies, and suggestions on how to interact with individuals with all different types of disabilities.


              There were many great discussions and stories shared by me as well as the staff members who also had different disabilities.   These stories are always so rich and add such a unique perspective to this training. I thank everyone for their willingness to share their stories.


            This training is such an important tool to help us as a whole community to start to

break down some of the barriers and stigmas that surround disability and I am grateful to have a small part in that.


             I was happy that the training was well received and helped the staff feel more comfortable about disability.   I hope it is something that I can go back and do it again.   I want to thank all of the staff members for their attention and participation in the training.   I also want to, again, thank Sheila Newman for allowing me the opportunity to help her staff with some professional development.


If you would like to learn more about New Editions Consulting Inc. and the work they are doing to help individuals with disabilities and programs that help individuals with disabilities I encourage you to please visit their website HERE.  They are doing some truly amazing work.   Thank you for letting me hang out with you guys for a few hours.


             As always stay connected to 6 Wheels Consulting, LLC through all of our platforms to get the latest updates on what’s happening with me.   Some amazing opportunities are coming down the tracks.   Stay tuned!

PHOTO: Matthew presenting his disability sensitivity training to New Editions Consulting Inc. staff

PHOTO: Matthew presenting his disability sensitivity training to New Editions Consulting Inc. staff