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6 Wheels wants to be a champion for your issue. We provide comprehensive lobbying
services on the local, state, and national levels with the goal of helping to pass your legislation. Matthew has bipartisan experience at all levels of government having interned in the Obama administration as well as for a Republican delegate in the Virginia General Assembly. Let us help you take your legislation from idea to implementation.

We offer–

Comprehensive lobbying for your organization's legislative agenda

6 Wheels Consulting can thoroughly follow your entire legislative agenda from beginning to end. This would require us to spend several days a week at the state house or federal building speaking to legislators on your organization’s behalf. Additionally, I would remain in regular contact with you and your organization. We would also provide weekly updates
on where your legislation stands.


6 Wheels Consulting can work alongside your organization to develop ideas for and craft your organization’s legislative agenda. This would require us to conduct several meetings with your team to successfully develop your legislative goals.


Previous 6 Wheels Lobbying Clients include:

  • Virginia Association of People Supporting Employment First (VA-APSE)

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