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An Introduction to Matthew Shapiro and 6 Wheels Consulting

Matthew Shapiro

Disability Consultant, Public Speaker & Lobbyist 


As a person with a disability (PwD), Matthew has spent most of his life motivated to teach those he has met how to better understand the disability community. Through this work it has become his life’s mission to educate others regarding disability related issues.  With this thought in mind, in December of 2014, he created 6 Wheels Consulting. Working with those in both the private and public sectors he hopes to expand their understanding of disabilities and give them knowledge they can use in any environment.  Through professional consulting, dynamic public speaking and lobbying services, he strives to educate and guide his clients about cost-effective and common sense solutions to disability related barriers.  This enhanced education will broaden their understanding and appreciation for those with disabilities.  By combining his personal disability experience with the knowledge he has gained through completing numerous disability training programs, he feels he is uniquely qualified to help make your company or your community more disability aware.


Consulting Services

Inclusive, common-sense, cost-
effective solutions to help you better support individuals with disabilities and make your organization inclusive, not just ADA compliant.

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Public Speaking

Our interactive public speaking presentations cover a variety of disability related topics as well as other business, advocacy, and leadership-focused themes. 

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Lobbying Services

We provide comprehensive lobbying
services on the local, state, and national levels with the goal of helping to pass your

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