NBC 12 News

I was Featured on the Local News

We recently got to experience a few seconds of fame.  In another fantastic opportunity to gain exposure for 6 Wheels Consulting, we were contacted by a local NBC 12 news reporter Allison Norlian to appear in one of her reports. Allison wanted to do a story on the state of the sidewalks in downtown Richmond, Virginia and how they affect wheelchair users. 

So I put on my best TV ready outfit and met her at VCU. For those of you that are unaware,  the sidewalks in downtown Richmond, Virginia are quite hazardous to anyone, but even more so to people with disabilities.   Some sidewalks may have cobblestones or concrete missing or cobblestones or concrete that is being pushed up from tree branches.   I have, on many occasions, almost fallen out of my chair due to unexpected dips in the sidewalks.  

Allison did a remarkable job capturing some of the problem areas in downtown Richmond.   Often times it becomes a situation of whose responsibility it is to fix the sidewalks, either the city of Richmond or VCU.  I say let’s stop pointing the finger and get something done to make downtown safer for everyone.  

To be fair there have been several improvements made in regards to curb cuts and main sidewalks being renovated.  However, most secondary sidewalks are still being greatly ignored.   Anyone should have the right to freely move about the city in which they live without the fear of possible injury. We must do better. 

 I want to thank Allison for her willingness to shed light on this important issue and I hope we get to work together again in the future.   For those of you who may not have seen the story I am including it in this post below.   Hopefully my words in this piece can help bring some change to the city.   I hope you enjoy the story as much as I enjoyed being a part of it.   Remember, to stay connected for more updates that will be coming shortly.