Looking Back on 2017

Looking Back on 2017


             Hello again everybody.   It has been quite a long time since I updated on the work that I am doing via this blog.  I want to make a promise to you that I will work harder to make sure that I am regularly updating the blog and sharing about all of my tremendous activities.

             As the beginning of the first quarter of 2018 draws near a close I thought I would take some time to reflect on 2017.   2017 was A most productive and eventful year for 6 Wheels Consulting, LLC. I had lots of adventures and connected with a lot of amazing people. In this post, I will highlight some of my more favorite activities from 2017 beginning with the last time I posted and around particular topics by sharing links and different photos from throughout the year.


 First, I will start with media coverage.  Please enjoy these pictures and links from all of the amazing coverage I received throughout 2017.


Banking product allows people with disabilities to save money in Virginia Richmond Times-Dispatch Article March 20, 2017




People with disabilities finally get a way to save money USA Today February 4, 2017


How ABLEnow Has Already Helped Me (Guest Post by Matthew Shapiro) March 20, 2017



State savings plan opens for people with disabilities NBC 12 March 29, 2017







Matthew Shapiro Capable Campaign Story





Consultant helps accommodate workers with disabilities-  Virginia Business Magazine May 31, 2017



ABLE accounts fill the savings gap for the disabled- Kids and Money column June 26, 2017



National Health Care Debate Leaves Disabled Richmonders and their Caretakers on Edge- Style Weekly July 26, 2017





Additionally, throughout 2017 I was very fortunate to be able to share my story through several public speaking presentations to a variety of audiences.  The highlight of these presentations was when I gave my first large talk on a college campus at the University of Findley in Ohio.   Please take a look at these pictures from that presentation as well as pictures from other presentations from throughout the year.   Be sure to read the caption to get a better feel for where the presentation was and what it was about.

PHOTO: University of Findley Presentation Photo

PHOTO: University of Findley Presentation Photo


  The last area where I had fantastic success in 2017 was with some of my consulting projects.   I was able to assist many great organizations to think of ways to be more inclusive to the disability population.


 The biggest projects that I undertook this year is one that will be wrapped up in 2018.   I was contracted to work with an architect firm in Richmond to conduct a disability accessibility assessment of City Hall in Richmond Virginia.   I have completed the preliminary review of most of the floors of City Hall and am readying to begin the next phase of the project.   I am very grateful to the City of Richmond for giving me the opportunity to help make City Hall a welcoming environment for our city residents who live with disabilities.


 A second outstanding project that I had the opportunity to work on in 2017 was through a partnership with the Metropolitan Business League.   Together we developed the ABILities Entrepreneurship Series.  This series is designed to support the training needs of individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities.  This 8-week program is for individuals and their support system who have the desire to be business owners and start their own businesses.  The MBL recognizes challenges of all entrepreneurs and has adapted our entrepreneurship training program to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities.

At the end of the series, a culminating event takes place and each person will introduce their business and receive a certificate of completion.


 If you are a person with a disability and would like to register for the next ABILities series please follow the link here to learn more about this great class.




As you have seen, 2017 was an absolutely incredible year for me and 6 Wheels Consulting, LLC.   I cannot thank you enough for your continued support and enthusiasm as I continue to grow this consulting firm.   I’m grateful for the relationships that I made throughout 2017 and know that I will continue to cultivate those relationships for many years to come.   We have a ton of amazing things planned for 2018 and I can’t wait to see what the new year holds for me.   I plan on writing another post announcing some of these new initiatives here in the coming few days.   Please be on the lookout for that second post.  My New Year’s resolution to my readers and my followers is to be more active on all forms of social media and do a better job keeping you in the loop about our activities.   As always please keep an eye on our social media and our website for new updates.  I can’t wait to see what the rest of 2018 has in store for me.


PHOTO: Thank You 2017

PHOTO: Thank You 2017