Exciting Additions

Exciting Additions: New Changes to the 6 Wheels Consulting Website

Recently, we’ve made some awesome new additions to our website! You can now conveniently shop on 6 Wheels Consulting’s site. Grab a copy of the book Infinite Inspirations if you haven’t already! Additionally, we will be adding more merchandise options to the store in the coming months. There’s also a new page dedicated to the 6 Wheels Consulting Disability Podcast where you can listen to all 25 of the current of the episodes show whenever you’d like. Whether you want to hear about disability and travel, disability and relationships, more about the work we do with 6 Wheels, or so much more there is an episode for everyone. New episodes will be premiering in the coming weeks as well. Stay tuned!

Are you interested in 6 Wheels Consulting’s services? Send us an email, and we’ll provide you with the password to our exciting new promotional page, containing downloadable informational one-pagers, business cards, and more. That way you can take a look and see all we have to offer in one spot or even download everything and print it yourself.

The best addition to our website is that we’ve made it more accessible for those of you who use screen readers and other devices that assist you in viewing web pages. Hopefully, you can experience 6 Wheels Consulting’s website to its fullest potential.

There are many more exciting things on their way at 6 Wheels Consulting, and I can’t wait to share them with you. Please stay connected to our social media platforms for new and exciting updates! I hope you enjoy the new additions to our website!

PHOTO: Pink lettering that reads Exciting News with an Exclamation Point.

PHOTO: Pink lettering that reads Exciting News with an Exclamation Point.