College Transition

Tons of Amazing Things Are Happening. Let’s Talk about the College Transition

I hope everyone had a remarkable Fourth of July holiday.   It’s been a few months since I updated you all on the happenings with 6 Wheels.  With this thought in mind I figured I would post several new blogs over the coming days that will fill you in on what we’ve been up to since my last post.   Keep an eye out for these new updates because so many amazing things are happening.

In this first post I want to take you back to May 21st when I had the privilege to present on college transitioning at the second annual transition summit put on by Jack Trammell.   I was able to speak to several families and students about the main differences that college brings compared to high school for students with disabilities.   We were able to have some great discussions to help prepare the students on what to expect in college. Some of the areas I covered included: How classes are different, how you spend your free time differently, the amount of study and prep time required per class for you to be successful in college, and about accommodations in college along with other topics.

 I love being able to give back and share my knowledge with other families.   It is the whole reason I started 6 Wheels Consulting in the first place.   It is my hope that the families took something away from our presentations during this event.   I was super excited to be a part of it.

 Stay connected to our social media pages and our website as we will be sharing more posts shortly.   I can’t wait to share all of the incredible news with you.   Stay tuned.

PHOTO: Matthew Presenting at a Richmond Transition Conference

PHOTO: Matthew Presenting at a Richmond Transition Conference