A Lot Has Happened

Happy 2017 everyone. I’ve been so busy that I have been unable to update everyone on all the amazing things that happened at the end of 2016 and in the beginning of 2017.   This blog post will have some highlights with little snippets from all the activities that I’ve been doing lately.  I have been busy.

 ABLE Ambassador:

 I have entered into a partnership with Virginia 529 and ABLEnow to serve as the ABLE Ambassador.   My role is to help ABLEnow promote the new ABLE savings accounts for individuals with disabilities.   Check out this interview that aired on Channel 6 Good Morning Virginia to learn more about this great new program.   I am thrilled to be working with this amazing team. WATCH THE INTERVIEW HERE


Also as part of this project I was quoted in a recent Associated Press article.  READ THE ARTICLE HERE

Community Conversation on Acceptance at The Valentine:

I was thrilled on January 3 to be able to participate as a panelist for a Community Conversation on Acceptance.   I spoke about how we need to look at people with disabilities differently.   The event was very well attended and a great conversation took place with everyone.   The other panelists discussed the homeless population and the LGBTQ population.   It is always important to learn about and accept differences.   Thank you for allowing me to be a part of a fantastic evening.


PHOTO: Matthew Speaking at the Community Conversation on Acceptance at The Valentine on a diversity panel.

PHOTO: Matthew Speaking at the Community Conversation on Acceptance at The Valentine on a diversity panel.

Media Coverage for 6 Wheels Consulting, LLC:

 Over the first few days in January I was fortunate to have two stories from different media outlets run talking about the work that I do.   The first was in Richmond magazine to promote the event at The Valentine. READ THE ARTICLE HERE

The second story that came out in January was when I was lucky enough to be featured in a Making a Difference cover story in the Richmond Times-Dispatch.   This series of stories highlighted people in the Richmond community who are making a difference.  I was honored to be recognized as one of those people.  READ THE ARTICLE HERE

Attended a Public Speaking Mastermind Weekend with David Coleman:

Also in the beginning of January I traveled to Cincinnati, Ohio to take part in a public speaking mastermind weekend with David Coleman and other aspiring public speakers.   For those of you that don’t know I have been working with David to have him help me develop public speaking programs that I will be able to perform in the college market.   I was thrilled to be able to meet other amazing people and get remarkable feedback about my program.   I also stayed a little bit longer and got some one-on-one attention from David which helped make my program that much stronger.   I am excited to continue to work on this program and to bring my messages to colleges and universities across the United States.

PHOTO: Matthew at Mastermind Weekend with David Coleman and Lenny Dave

PHOTO: Matthew at Mastermind Weekend with David Coleman and Lenny Dave

 Speaking at Collegiate:

On February 6th, I was asked to speak at Collegiate, a private school in Richmond, Virginia. The ninth graders were having an event where they were learning about different minority groups. They were going to take this information and volunteer in the community with one of these groups.   I was asked to speak about the disability population. I believe the students got something out of my presentation and I hope their volunteer placement was a successful and joyful experience for them.

Vendor at Friendship Circle of Virginia’s Community Inclusion Event:

 I was delighted to be asked to serve as a vendor at Friendship Circle of Virginia’s Community Inclusion Event.   Each year this organization works to hold an event to bring the community together and talk about disability and inclusion.   This year’s event was a great success.   There was tons of great discussion and I met many great people when they stopped by my table.   I hope to be involved in this event again in the future.

PHOTO: Matthew at his vendor table at Friendship Circle of Virginia's Community Inclusion Event

PHOTO: Matthew at his vendor table at Friendship Circle of Virginia's Community Inclusion Event

Vendor at at REAP Walk and Roll for Kindness Event:

We were thrilled to serve as a vendor at the Richmond Entrepreneurs Assistance Program Walk and Roll for Kindness Event.  This event was done to help raise money to help REAP’s mission of getting people with disabilities jobs.   I was fortunate enough to be able to address the audience about how we needed to stop bullying individuals with disabilities and instead be more accepting of them.   I also had many great conversations with people who came up to my table.


VCU Alumni Article:

Before the new year began I was a featured alumnus in a VCU alumni spotlight article.   The article highlighted my journey through VCU as well as the work I am now doing with 6 Wheels Consulting, LLC.   This was an exciting recognition for me and I am ecstatic to be honored by such a great university.   READ THE ARTICLE HERE

Appointed to the VaAPSE Board:

I have been appointed to the Virginia chapter of the Association of People Supporting Employment First as the newest board member.   I am ready to get to work to help make sure that people with disabilities are getting valuable employment opportunities that are meaningful and that pay good money. I might also be helping with some lobbying work for this organization in the future.  I am ready to get to work.

 As you can see I have been very busy since the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017.   I am grateful for all the opportunities that I had and will continue to have.   I can’t wait to share with you all the other additional fantastic activities and work that I am currently in the process of finalizing.   Stay tuned, some very exciting things are coming.   As always, please stay connected to our social media pages to get the latest breaking news on our activities. I always appreciate your support and I am looking forward to a bright future and 2017 as a whole.