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6 Wheels Consulting was created to work with those in both the private and public sectors in the hopes of expanding their understanding of disabilities.  Throughout his life Matthew has come across several barriers that affect everyone in this community regardless of disability.  6 Wheels Consulting will work, through its educational strategies, to break down and attempt to eliminate these barriers within all aspects of society. By accomplishing this mission people with disabilities will be more strongly integrated into society. By combining his personal disability experience with the knowledge, he has gained through completing numerous disability-training programs, Matthew feels he is uniquely qualified to help make your company, organization, or your community become more disability aware.

The Mission–

6 Wheels Consulting, through professional consulting, dynamic public speaking, and lobbying services, strives to educate and guide organizations of all types in both the public and private sectors with the goal of strengthening their understanding of disability culture and the issues that affect this population. We do this through inclusive, common-sense, cost- effective, solutions to disability related concerns. This enhanced education hopes to broaden the understanding and appreciation for those with disabilities.